Restructuring, Reorganisation and Redundancy Introductory Programme (England and Wales)

Gain a solid grounding of the reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy process to help drive a resolution-focused culture that’s fair, transparent and legal.


4-6 hours

Online self-directed

Introductory Programme


Successful employee relations (ER) demands transparent practices, legal compliance and a resolution-focused culture. To continually drive positive outcomes, a solid understanding of change and people practices is key, including the reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy process. Besides sensitive handling, knowledge of employees’ statutory rights is critical. This online course introduces the legal and process considerations for people professionals involved in reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy. Staying up-to-date with legislation and knowing how to enable change positively equips learners to advise and support HR or employment law specialists leading these complex processes.

The programme content has been developed by Sue West, one of CIPD’s most experienced employment law Associates. Topics include the process of consultation and how it applies in different scenarios, the importance of fairness, employee rights, and moral and legal obligations. On completing the course, learners will be able to confidently support and optimise a process of reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy in their own organisation. As part of this learning experience you will have access to one live webinar. Webinars are scheduled twice per calendar year so you'll have two dates to choose from.

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The purpose of this course is to:

  • determine whether a restructure or reorganisation creates a redundancy situation 
  • plan the key steps required in a fair and reasonable redundancy consultation 
  • advise on factors which should be considered when deciding selection activities
  • ensure employees at risk of redundancy receive their statutory rights 
  • appreciate the risks of getting a redundancy process wrong.

Is this course right for me?

This Introductory Programme is aimed at people professionals and those involved in reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy, such as line managers. Learners will gain an understanding of enabling change and when a redundancy situation applies. Supporting those leading on the process, learners will be able to raise relevant questions and spot opportunities, contributing to an outcome that is fair and legal.

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