Professional Courage and Influence Introductory Programme

Build confidence in yourself as a communicator so you can effectively influence others and speak up when it’s the right thing to do.


4-6 hours

Online self-directed

Introductory Programme


Free for CIPD members and Core Learning Subscribers.

This course is one of our eight Core Behaviours Introductory Programmes, which aim to provide you with the defining behaviours of our profession.

As a people professional, it’s important that you can effectively communicate and influence others to ensure that the best decisions are made for the people in your organisation and to resolve conflict. This course will help you to develop the professional and personal courage to speak up when it’s the right thing to do, even if you anticipate or experience resistance or opposition.

Alongside skills in communicating and influencing others, this behaviour is important in a range of situations, including making a case for change, taking responsibility for mistakes, and challenging the behaviours of others.

Through cutting-edge learning content, you will discover ways to challenge constructively, when appropriate, and ensure you are delivering the right message to your audience. You will learn how to build relationships with others to understand their views, concerns and needs, and decide on the most effective way to communicate with them in order to influence and achieve positive outcomes.

The course will also help you to take a positive approach when dealing with mistakes, viewing them as opportunities for learning rather than failures.

Throughout the course, you’ll be encouraged to take part in reflective activities to help embed your learning into your day-to-day practice. You can also access a community of peers where you can share knowledge and experience with others, whilst developing connections. As part of this learning experience you will have access to one live webinar. Webinars are scheduled twice per calendar year so you'll have two dates to choose from.

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The hub will house your course content, as well as useful resources, tools, and a community of professionals that you can tap into to support your learning and continual development.

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This course is relevant and challenging for all people practitioners, at whatever stage of their career journey. You’ll be an HR, L&D or OD practitioner looking to develop the behaviours required to constructively challenge and influence others.

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