Organisation Development and Meaningful Work Essential Insights

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Explore how organisation development contributes to meaningful work and apply the principles and benefits of good work to support organisational change


60-90 minutes

Online self-directed

Essential Insights


Free for CIPD members and Core Learning Subscribers.

Meaningful work (‘good work’) is purposeful and benefits individuals, organisations and communities. In a constantly changing environment, organisation development and design is growing in importance. Effective organisation development (ODV) can help everyone find personal meaning in their work and use their talents constructively.

Building upon the definition and benefits of meaningful work outlined in the positioning Essential Insight course Meaningful Work and Organisational Leadership, this course delves deeper into how ODV can contribute to creating experiences of meaningful work. Learners do not need to have completed Meaningful Work and Organisational Leadership to attend.

Aligning to the foundation standards of the CIPD Profession Map in the specialist knowledge area of organisational development and design, learners will get to grips with different dimensions of work and job quality. They will become familiar with the role that ODV can play in fostering meaningful work experiences and how to start their own self-development plan.

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In this course, you will:

  • explore the CIPD position on meaningful work within an organisation development context
  • apply the course concepts in the learner’s context
  • undertake an action plan for self-development in the area of meaningful work.

Is this course right for me?

People professionals who can apply ODV knowledge and skills are increasingly in demand. This short online course has a broad appeal, including early-career people practitioners with an interest in the topic, and people practitioners/line managers/ODV practitioners with the opportunity to explore workplace motivation, behaviour and culture, and support organisational change.

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