Managing Remote Teams

Get the best out of your remote workers. Learn management techniques that support a healthy, motivated, and productive working environment.


2 days

Online class


The pandemic has meant that remote working has quickly become the norm for many organisations. And it’s likely to stick. But this mean managers are becoming increasingly accountable for the productivity and wellbeing of their geographically dispersed teams.

Managing remote working comes with its own set of challenges that are not experienced in the physical workplace. Managers need to support employees to be productive without appearing to be micro-managing. These challenges are amplified by the technological limitations that remote working can often present.

Discover how to support your team’s productivity through the latest thinking and explore CIPD’s top tips for managing remote teams. This course aims to inspire good practice and will help to tackle a range of personal and performance related issues, discuss real-life remote working challenges and problem solve them.

Facilitated by experienced CIPD learning consultants, this course will equip managers with the now critical skills they need to be able to support their teams.

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The objectives of this course are:

  • explore top tips to manage your team remotely and keep them motivated
  • list the principles of strengths-based conversations
  • describe a range of performance issues and how to address them
  • list practical suggestions for effective challenging conversations remotely
  • learn how to deal with personal issues remotely.

Is this course right for me?

If you are responsible and accountable for the productivity and wellbeing of remote workers, then this course is for you. This programme will equip you with the fundamental skills and guidance you need to be an effective remote manager.

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