Leveraging Analytics Development Programme

Gain workforce insight and solve business problems by leveraging and applying data across the people function, and organisation.


3 weeks



The Leveraging Analytics Development Programme introduces the concept of using data analytics in an HR context to inform decision making and drive organisational change.

Providing a deep dive into the area of people analytics (also known as HR analytics or workforce analytics), this programme will impart specialist skills aligned to Chartered Member level and those at Associate level looking to develop. Participants will learn how to effectively leverage and apply data analytics to gain insight into their organisation, solve business problems and improve processes.

The content focusses mainly on the strategic elements of people analytics and will help people professionals understand how to effectively apply good practice in conducted analysis. As a result, learners will be confident to identify people analytics opportunities, present a business case – including ROI – and recognise the skills of an effective analytics team. They will create an action plan based on their own context to apply to day-to-day tasks, enhancing their evidence-based practice.

Please note, the programme does not cover specific tools (such as Excel or in-depth analysis methodologies) but will explore the most effective strategies to apply.

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As part of this programme, you will:

  • examine the strategic impact and create a business case for people analytics
  • capture and analyse people analytics data and calculate return on investment
  • explore how people analytics supports structured problem solving in alignment with organisational strategy
  • use a five-step approach to people analytics to establish business needs and outcomes
  • analyse the skills of an effective people analytics team, and the governance involved
  • assess people analytics opportunities in an organisational context and create an action plan

Is this course right for me?

Leveraging Analytics Development Programme is targeted at generalist people professionals (or career switchers) with an interest in broadening their evidence-based decision-making skills, as well as professionals specialising in the analysis of people data to gain insight. It is aimed at those responsible for driving solutions that meet organisational objectives.

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