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Boost your knowledge of learning theories and develop your skills as an L&D practitioner


60-90 minutes

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Essential Insights


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CIPD research indicates that knowledge of adult learning theories amongst L&D practitioners is low. This has meant that there has been missed opportunities in the design and delivery of learning interventions.

This evidence-based course offers a starting point for practitioners to explore the facts relating to how people learn. It investigates and compares different learning theories and provides an overview of how this applies to the design and delivery of learning interventions.

Learners will explore some of the main concepts and philosophical approaches to learning. It also demonstrates how the CIPD created their learning philosophy.

Designed by leading L&D professional Fiona McBride, it will share a wealth of evidence and showcase the best of online design in learning.

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In this course, you will:

  • describe why having an up-to-date knowledge of learning and motivational theory is important for L&D practitioners
  • explore CIPD’s philosophical approach to learning
  • compare different ‘approaches’ of learning theory and how it applies to design and delivery of learning
  • describe key motivational theories that apply to L&D practitioners.

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Do you have a passion for learning? This course is a must for anyone who is involved in workplace learning, development, and training, including HR practitioners, L&D teams, trainers, and line managers.

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