Leading Learning and Development Accredited Programme

Gain evidence-based practical insights from leading experts to increase the impact you have on the provision of learning and development within your organisational context.


50-70 hours

Online self-directed

Accredited Programme


The Leading Learning and Development Accredited Programme will provide you with the knowledge and strategies to lead an effective learning and development function.

Split into three blocks, aligned to the LD standards of the Profession map, you will cover the fundamentals of LD, how learning can be delivered, and ways you can help maximise impact, engagement, and transfer of learning within your context.

This unique format will offer you the opportunity to learn from credible LD experts, and members of the CIPD Learning team, who will share insights from their extensive personal experiences of leading learning and development practice.

The programme includes a range of blended assets, including animations, videos, and downloadable resources, as well as space and activities to anchor your reflections on the content. It will encourage you to consider not only the content, but how it has been designed and delivered, and how this supports your practice. This provides practical and applicable knowledge and insights that you can use in your daily work.

All CIPD Learning courses will automatically provide you with access to the CIPD Learning Hub, our online learning platform, for 24 months.

The hub will house your course content, as well as useful resources, tools, and a community of professionals that you can tap into to support your learning and continual development.


This course will enable you to:

  • explore ways an LD professional can create opportunities where the concept of continuing professional development across the whole organisation is actively supported
  • collaborate with stakeholders to define capability needs and their implications for learning
  • embed theories and methods that maximise learner engagement, learning transfer and impact throughout the learning design and delivery process
  • integrate evidence-based approaches to adult learning and motivation theory into organisational learning
  • choose appropriate ways of creating, managing and sharing learning content to meet learners’ and organisational needs
  • use design principles to choose when digital is the right approach as part of a learning blend
  • apply the principles of learning facilitation in different learning contexts
  • use design principles to choose when face-to-face is the right approach as part of a learning blend
  • build effective coaching and mentoring capability across the organisation
  • leverage social collaborative learning and maximise its place in the learning approach.

Is this course right for me?

This programme is relevant if you currently have responsibility for learning and development in your organisation or are a consultant working within this remit. Whilst targeted at more experienced LD professionals, it also provides a depth, breadth, and foundation for those newer to LD practice seeking to provide effective learning to meet organisational performance needs.

What will I need to successfully complete the programme?

Please ensure you can answer yes to the following statements to ensure you can successfully complete this programme.

  • I am currently working in this profession or area of work, or have recently done so, and will be able to refer to current or past work examples during my learning.
  • I can write an assessment answer which reflects on my learning and demonstrates how I can apply it in my context.
  • I will have online access to use the CIPD Learning Hub for the duration of the programme.
  • I can use the English language at the IELTS level 6 “Competent user” level or above. For more information see: https://www.ielts.org/about-ielts/what-is-ielts.
  • I understand I must complete the programme within a 12-month deadline of my registration payment.
  • I will inform CIPD Learning if I have a learning accessibility need or disability for which I would require a reasonable adjustment.
  • I confirm I have read and accept the programme policy.

I want to put my team on this course

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