HR In Practice

Learn the fundamentals of HR, build confidence, and improve your effectiveness in handling HR issues.


2 days

Face to face


This highly participative course explores the fundamentals of HR and provides an overview of HR in practice. You’ll cover how to prioritise HR work, risk assessment of a HR situation, and recognise where immediate and longer-term attention needs to be given.

The programme will provide an overview of recruitment techniques, how to maintain good employee relations, where relationships can break down, and what actions support high morale and productivity.

You’ll discover how to recognise different types of under-performance and how and when to intervene. The course will also introduce you to UK employment law, including basic contractual and HR policy issues.

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The objectives of this course are:

  • build knowledge of the role of HR professionals
  • identify the ways in which HR professionals add value and prioritise their work
  • develop knowledge of UK employment law
  • effectively manage basic employment contracts and HR policy
  • identify where risks of unlawful discrimination can occur and take appropriate mitigating steps and ensure fairness
  • apply good practice recruitment techniques
  • explain the need to maintain good employee relations and the risks to this
  • create conditions to support high morale and productivity
  • recognise different types of under-performance and how and when to intervene
  • critically evaluate performance management practices
  • build confidence as an HR professional.

Is this course right for me?

If you are new to HR, have no formal HR training, are responsible for HR related tasks in a smaller organisation or are contemplating a career move, then this course is ideal for you. It provides a thorough overview of HR. It’ll help boost your confidence in managing HR issues and encourage you to explore and exchange ideas with other participants to support each other’s learning.

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Learning outcomes

Course structure