Grievance, Discipline and Dismissals

Build your knowledge, skills and confidence in handling grievance, discipline, and dismissal procedures.


2 days

Online class


This online course provides the opportunity for you to explore, discuss and fully understand your legal and ethical responsibilities towards your employer and its people when facilitating or supporting grievance, disciplinary or dismissal procedures.

The course covers both addressing matters in the correct way from a legal perspective and doing so from an ethical and people-focused perspective. Therefore, enabling a principles-led approach to grievance, discipline, and dismissals to be confidently implemented.

This is not a programme about just ticking legal boxes; it is about supporting everyone involved to arrive at mutually satisfactory outcomes and is accordingly built on CIPD principles and values.

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In this course you will:

  • explain the difference between a fair and unfair dismissal
  • describe the legal process to be followed when managing a disciplinary situation
  • know how to respond to a grievance situation
  • manage redundancy fairly
  • effectively manage difficult situations which could lead to dismissal.

Is this course right for me?

This course is most suitable for people professionals (both HR and line managers) who want to learn more about the legalities of managing grievances, disciplinaries, and dismissals. It will ensure their handling of these challenging situations is fair and proportionate.

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Learning outcomes

Course structure