Fundamentals of Organisation Design Introductory Programme

Define the importance of organisation design, recognise core components of good design and apply systems thinking to your practice.


4-6 hours

Online self-directed

Introductory Programme


Organisation design (OD) is a rich discipline that impacts across several organisational systems and processes and is a fundamental part of what makes an organisation successful. People professionals play an important role in OD, usually undertaking a holistic review of internal factors and external operating environment to identify what is and isn’t working.

This Introductory Programme is aimed at individuals looking to get started in, or move into, this specialist area. Created by Jaimini Lakhani, a respected organisation design practitioner, the course explores how the design of organisations needs to evolve in a systemic way, beyond making a few changes to the structure and organisation chart.

Covering systems thinking, applying design methodologies, stakeholder liaison and the role of organisation design practitioner, learners will be able to meet contextual demands by applying a relevant framework that supports any change management programme they are involved in.

Throughout the course, you’ll be encouraged to take part in reflective activities to help embed your learning into your day-to-day practice. You can also access a community of peers where you can share knowledge and experience with others, whilst developing connections. As part of this learning experience you will have access to one live webinar. Webinars are scheduled twice per calendar year so you'll have two dates to choose from.

All CIPD Learning courses will automatically provide you with access to the CIPD Learning Hub, our online learning platform, for 24 months. The hub will house your course content, as well as useful resources, tools, and a community of professionals that you can tap into to support your learning and continual development.

Course objectives

The purpose of this course is to:

  • define the importance of organisation design and how it relates to other disciplines
  • explain the habits of a systems thinker and how to apply systems thinking to your practice
  • explore how to apply a design methodology to approach your work in a structured way
  • define the core components of a good design, beyond structures and how to get there
  • reflect on the different roles an organisation design practitioner takes on and how to choose what is appropriate.

Is this course right for me?

This Introductory Programme is ideal for individuals looking to get started in discipline of organisation design, potentially already in an HR, L&D or change management role. It is also suitable for business leaders moving into organisation design, providing learning that can be applied practically in global contexts.

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Learning outcomes

Course structure