Fundamentals of employment law

Be confident that you and your organisation are operating legally. Learn to create, maintain and terminate employment relationships effectively and lawfully.

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You’ll learn how to:

  • confidently explain key employment law regulations
  • create employment relationships in line with employment law
  • ensure your organisation lawfully maintains employee relationships
  • ensure your organisation terminates employment relationships lawfully.

About this course

Course length: Two days

Delivery: Face-to-face and self-directed learning

Suitable for: Individuals working in an HR support role or as a line manager. It suits those starting their HR career or new to people management.

Topics covered

  • creating the employment relationship
  • maintaining the employment relationship
  • terminating the employment.

What to expect from this ‘fundamentals of employment law’ course

Leading UK employment law specialists have created this course to teach you how to handle common employment issues confidently and professionally. It follows the employment lifecycle, from creating an employment relationship to its lawful maintenance and termination. You'll develop a strong foundation for responding to many issues you may encounter in your career, including recruitment, contract types, discrimination, family-friendly rights, absence from work, and grievance and disciplinary procedures and dismissals.

The workshop predominantly covers England and Wales employment law and will have references to the law in Scotland. It will not cover the law in Northern Ireland.

What you’ll need to do on this course

This is a two-day course delivered in person. You’ll participate in 12 hours of facilitated face-to-face learning delivered over two days. 50% of the teaching will focus on theoretical content, and the other 50% will focus on practical applications.

We recommend you read the supplied case studies before the course. Please allow around an hour to do this.

What you’ll get on this course

At the end of this course, you’ll receive a certificate.

You’ll receive a resource pack containing essential information for all modules.

Taking part in this course gives you access to the CIPD Learning Hub for 12 months. Here, you can access your course content together with other valuable resources and tools. When you finish your course, you can enjoy an additional 12 months of access to other resources on the Learning Hub.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this ‘fundamentals of employment law’ course, you’ll be able to:

  • explain the core legal principles relevant to the relationship between employers and employees
  • evaluate your organisation’s documentation, policies, and procedures against legal requirements
  • provide basic advice on resolving common employment issues.

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