Evidence-based Practice Essential Insights

Get to the heart of evidence-based practice and recognise the types of evidence that best inform your professional judgement and decision-making.


60-90 minutes

Online self-directed

Essential Insights


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Being evidence-based is a value at the centre of the people profession. As management decisions have a significant impact on people’s working lives and wellbeing, we need to be evidence-based in our professional practice to ensure best outcomes for everyone.

Decisions made through combining trustworthy evidence and critical thinking from multiple sources produce more effective outcomes than those based on a single source of evidence. This course explains what constitutes evidence-based practice and the recognised types of evidence, including behavioural science, people analytics and practitioner expertise. It also presents the risks of using fads and biases to inform decision-making such as anecdotes or dubious stand-alone sources.

Learners will gain a firm understanding of what organisations and the people profession can gain from being genuinely evidence-based. The programme outlines the practical steps that lead to evidence-based decision-making, so participants can embed learning in their role and set a projection for their own organisation.

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In this course, you will:

  • explain why we need to be evidence-based in our professional lives

  • explain what evidence-based practice is, including what counts as evidence

  • outline the steps involved in making evidence-based decisions.


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This Essential Insights programme is aimed at professionals at all levels keen to adopt a critical mindset and make effective evidence-based decisions on HR, L&D or people management practices. Learners will explore and discuss different types of trustworthy evidence and how to combine them to inform actions that solve challenges.

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