Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Accredited Programme

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Create inclusive working environments and a culture of trust where individuals have a sense of belonging and feel empowered to reach their potential.


50-70 hours

Online self-directed

Accredited Programme


All people professionals need to understand equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and the role they have to play in creating inclusive organisations that value wellbeing and equality of opportunity. As a specialist knowledge area of the CIPD Profession Map, promoting and delivering EDI in the workplace is an essential aspect of good people management.

Skilled EDI practitioners and specialists can drive the sustainable change needed to build a culture of trust, enabling people to speak up, feel safe and advocate for others. An effective strategy goes beyond legal compliance, leveraging data to address inequalities. As the area of EDI is ever evolving and adapting to changing needs of workplaces and the people profession, it’s crucial to stay up to date with best practice.

Developed in collaboration with the NHS and written by consultant Ash Ahmad, this Accredited Programme features input from NHS England and global industry experts. Each module challenges practitioners to reflect on their current approach to the topic and build the confidence and skills to apply learning to their context.

You will have access to a range of blended assets, including animations, interactive videos, and downloadable resources, as well as lots of space for anchoring your reflections on the content.

All CIPD Learning courses will automatically provide you with access to the CIPD Learning Hub, our online learning platform, for 24 months.

The hub will house your course content, as well as useful resources, tools, and a community of professionals that you can tap into to support your learning and continual development.


This course will enable you to:

  • identify specific EDI challenges in your organisation and practical steps to overcome them
  • identify actions to create a psychologically safe environment for individuals and allies where a culture of trust can thrive
  • evaluate people practices in your organisation to assess whether they ensure the workforce reflects the communities the organisation operates in, as well as supporting a fair and inclusive workplace
  • create a roadmap to increase or adjust workforce representation within your organisation
  • identify and suggest interventions to build EDI capability in leaders and managers
  • use data to gain insights and address inequalities within the workplace
  • create a roadmap for an effective EDI plan for your organisation

Is this course right for me?

This Accredited Programme is aimed at practitioners or specialists focused on strategising, leading and delivering EDI work to create inclusive and fair working environments. It is ideal for those seeking an evidence-based approach to evaluating and improving their organisation’s people practices and those looking to gain formal recognition of EDI capability.

What will I need to successfully complete the programme?

Please ensure you can answer yes to the following statements to ensure you can successfully complete this programme

  • I am currently working in this profession or area of work, or have recently done so, and will be able to refer to current or past work examples during my learning.
  • I can write an assessment answer which reflects on my learning and demonstrates how I can apply it in my context.
  • I will have online access to use the CIPD Learning Hub for the duration of the programme.
  • I can use the English language at the IELTS level 6 “Competent user” level or above. For more information see: https://www.ielts.org/about-ielts/what-is-ielts.
  • I understand I must complete the programme within a 12-month deadline of my registration payment.
  • I will inform CIPD Learning if I have a learning accessibility need or disability for which I would require a reasonable adjustment.
  • I confirm I have read and accept the programme policy.

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