Employment Law Spotlight

Sharpen your employment law knowledge and maintain expertise through insight into recent case law and emerging legislative changes.


2 days

Online class


The integrity of the people profession is dependent upon evidence-based and principle-led decision-making. Awareness of the ever-evolving landscape and ability to implement employment law is intrinsic to ethical practice and fair outcomes.

This online course provides practical insights into the latest employment law changes, bringing learners up-to-date with case law, legislation and anticipated developments. It is essential for professionals with existing employment law knowledge or experience committed to maintaining their proficiency.

The highly topical programme content reflects current and emerging aspects of employment law, potentially covering (but not limited to) contracts of employment, working time, family-friendly law, impact of Brexit, TUPE, unfair dismissal, redundancy or settlement agreements.

The opportunity to engage with a legal specialist and participate in discussions with like-minded professionals will result in increased awareness of the complexities of employment law, confidence in sharing latest thinking and the ability to assess law changes in the context of an organisation.

Please note that this course covers primarily England & Wales law updates.

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The purpose of this course is to:

  • expand your knowledge relating to the latest employment law developments
  • appreciate the organisational significance of recent changes
  • evaluate the impact of legal updates on decisions that affect the overall success of an organisation
  • assess your thinking concerning recent case law developments, legislation and future changes
  • consider a range of interventions to enable organisation compliance
  • reflect on emerging developments
  • anticipate and manage legal changes on the horizon.

Is This Course Right For Me?

This course provides an opportunity to help people professionals maintain their employment law expertise, deepen knowledge and refresh skills. The content is recommended for HR practitioners, managers, supervisors, team leaders, employee or trade union representatives and business owners already familiar with different aspects of employment law. It is a natural next step for attendees of “The Employment Law Practitioner – A Complete Approach” although this isn’t a prerequisite.

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