Employment Law Practitioner

Discover how to resolve workplace legal issues that arise during the employment journey through a legal and compliant lens.


3 days

Face to face


This holistic course encompasses the entire employment journey and challenges you to view typical workplace issues.

You’ll work through the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, contracts and typical workplace issues that arise during employment, and assess your organisation’s employment policies and procedures from a legal perspective.

We’ll take you through how to apply the law effectively to your own organisation’s employment practices and procedures. This course will also provide you with clear guidance on how to resolve the legal issues that arise at work, in accordance with good practice.

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In this course you will:

  • explain in the context of employment law, the steps involved in the creation of the employment relationship
  • describe the role of employment law in maintaining the employment relationship
  • identify legal requirements and rights applicable in the employment relationship
  • articulate the ways in which the law protects against discrimination
  • create a process for managing performance in the context of employment law
  • ensure a legally compliant grievance and disciplinary process is followed
  • apply fair and legal steps in terminating an employment relationship
  • develop a process for TUPE
  • explain the steps of an employment tribunal and when they might take place.


Is this course right for me?

If you’re a people professional with responsibility for employment law issues within your organisation and are looking for an all-encompassing employment law course, then this programme is for you.

Suitable for all people professionals, regardless of level of experience, this course will take you through the entire employment journey and explain how to resolve the legal challenges at work, in accordance with good practice.

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