Employment Law Practitioner

Discover how to resolve workplace legal issues that arise during the employment journey through a legal and compliant lens.


3 days

Online class


Employment law is critical in guaranteeing a fair and safe working environment for employees, and for ensuring employers meet their statutory obligations as well as their duty of care. People professionals must be aware of the latest legislation and requirements around processes, such as working hours and redundancy, to effectively deal with employee issues. Non-compliance with regulations is detrimental to employees and can leave organisations open to considerable employment related business risk.

This course explores the full employment lifecycle from recruitment to employment contracts and considers workplace challenges that can arise throughout employment.

The programme consists of a blend of practical activities and facilitated discussions. Through the exploration of case studies, you’ll be able to develop an understanding of employment issues in their real-life context to help reinforce principles taught as part of the course. Group discussions will illustrate key concepts and provide a framework to analyse and apply into everyday practice - helping you to navigate employment issues as and when they emerge.

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The workshop predominantly covers England and Wales employment law and will have references to the law in Scotland. It will not cover law in Northern Ireland.


The objectives of this course are:

  • discuss legal frameworks and contracts,
  • describe types of employees and their employment status,
  • identify what statutory rights are applicable in the employment relationship,
  • review impact of trade unions in employee lifecycle,
  • articulate the ways in which the law protects against discrimination,
  • discuss family friendly rights,
  • identify relevance of flexible working and health and safety in a work environment,
  • recognise data protection and GDPR regulations in a context of employee lifecycle,
  • ensure a legally compliant grievance and disciplinary process is followed in an organisation,
  • apply fair and legal steps in terminating an employment relationship,
  • explain the steps of an employment tribunal and when they might take place.

Is this course right for me?

This programme is vital for experienced HR practitioners who are responsible for employment law and understanding policies and procedures from a legal perspective within their organisation.

This course supports you in approaching typical workplace issues with consideration for the law. You’ll gain confidence to solve a range of employment law issues that occur during an employee’s lifecycle.

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