Employee Wellbeing

Implement employee wellbeing practices that are good for people, good for performance and good for organisational success.


1 day

Online class


Supporting the wellbeing of your employees is vital for your organisation. Prioritisation of employee health and wellbeing is a central aspect of any people strategy and critical to the way in which an organisation works.

This course enables you to lead in creating practices to support wellbeing and to take responsibility for ensuring the health and wellbeing of employees is prioritised wherever and however they are working. You’ll explore how integrated approaches to health and wellbeing can also contribute to increased employee engagement and foster a workforce where people are committed to achieving organisational success.

Designed by leading wellbeing at work expert Shona McFarlane, this programme also equips you with the practical guidance you need to create conditions that support resilience, and to be able to identify the signs of poor wellbeing.

On completion you will be confident in your ability to implement strategic and tactical approaches to wellbeing that ensure your people receive the support they need to thrive at work.

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The objectives of this course are:

  • define wellbeing, resilience, and mental health
  • explore why wellbeing, resilience and mental health are good for people, and good for organisational success
  • create the conditions for high wellbeing and resilience at work
  • identify HR and management responsibility for wellbeing at work
  • influence and support the building and implementation of a wellbeing at work strategy.


Is this course right for me?

Designed for people professionals and line managers who have responsibility for a team of any size. This course is created for those who wish to further develop their knowledge of wellbeing at work. You’ll also learn how to create conditions that support employee wellbeing, resilience and good mental health.

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