Employee Experience Essential Insights

Articulate what employee experience is, why it is important and how it is positively impacted in an organisation.


60-90 minutes

Online self-directed

Essential Insights


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The psychological contract is evolving, and employees are fast becoming “consumers of the workplace” (Gallup 2019.). We increasingly look for purpose and meaning at work; we want to be motivated and engaged and we seek managers who will coach us to be our best. By valuing people, a culture of trust, wellbeing and people development is fostered. Consequently, employers must examine and optimise the employee experience and employer brand.

Touching upon neuroscience and psychology, this short course defines employee experience vs. engagement and why it matters. You’ll explore evidence-based approaches to creating a great work environment for people, how a business case for change is built, and you’ll recognise management’s impact on a positive employee experience.

Designed and presented online by author and respected expert, Emma Bridger, this programme is aimed at anyone new to, or interested in, improving employee experience. It features insight from across the people profession, debunks the myths and signposts sources for further exploration.

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The purpose of this course is to:

  • define employee experience and explain why it matters
  • explore the different parts of the organisation that have the opportunity to positively impact employee experience
  • explain the psychology and neuroscience of employee experience and what makes an experience positive
  • know where to go to continue exploring this topic.


Is this course right for me?

This course is essential for any people professional looking to get to grips with what truly makes a positive difference to the employee experience. It is of particular benefit to people managers exploring or starting to implement employee-centric approaches. Specialist subject knowledge is not required.

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