Digital Learning Design Programme

Develop cutting edge digital learning for your organisation with this highly practical course.


5 days

Face to face


The world of learning is changing, and the way people consume information has evolved. As the leader in workplace learning, the CIPD has developed this highly practical programme in Digital Learning Design.

Developed specifically to improve digital learning design skills, this practical course provides you with a unique, hands-on opportunity to plan and develop learning solutions that can be implemented into your workplace context.

The course is written and delivered by one of the UK’s leading experts in digital learning, Barry Sampson, with content support from Clive Shepherd. Your learning will be enhanced through presentation and in-depth discussions, along with demonstrations of the skills and tools used in the session.

Working closely with like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds you will build the confidence needed to apply your learning beyond the programme. You’ll explore your own needs as well as share experiences, challenges and insights with other participants and your specialist tutor.

All CIPD Learning courses will automatically provide you with access to the CIPD Learning Hub, our online learning platform, for 24 months.

The hub will house your course content, as well as useful resources, tools, and a community of professionals that you can tap into to support your learning and continual development.


As part of this course, you will:

  • explore ways to analyse requirements
  • describe the power of pictures
  • write and produce a podcast
  • explore the component parts of producing an animated learning asset
  • explore the success factors of working with a subject matter expert
  • write and produce a live-action video learning asset
  • write and produce an interactive learning asset
  • list the key features of documenting the design process.

Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for learning professionals, existing designers or developers, subject matter experts or teachers or lecturers in higher education.

The programme will improve your skills in the design and development of a variety of digital learning content. You’ll explore the key principles of effective learning content design and the processes of design and development so you can better manage these activities.

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