Being an inclusive leader

What is an inclusive leader? Expand your understanding of belonging, equity and equality by learning to be an inclusive leader to support long-term cultural changes.

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You’ll learn how to:

  • explain what inclusive leadership is, outlining the journey to belonging, equity and equality
  • explore the traits of inclusive leaders
  • identify the changes needed to foster psychological safety
  • develop techniques to start inclusive conversations.

About this course

Course length: 60-90 minutes

Delivery: Online, self-directed

Suitable for: Those who want to encourage inclusive leadership and a more inclusive culture.

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What to expect from this ‘being an inclusive leader’ course

This short online course has been developed with subject matter expert Nichole McGill-Higgins. You’ll examine some of the key traits that help foster inclusive habits and leadership and explore how bias and lack of psychological safety can hinder results and progress in this space.

What you’ll need to do on this course

This bite-sized training focused on how to be an inclusive leader consists of a mixture of written, video and interactive content. You can work through the content at your own pace. At the end, you can test your understanding with a brief knowledge check. This is not a formal assessment; you can repeat it several times to help reinforce your learning.

What you’ll get on this course

Taking part in this course gives you access to the CIPD Learning Hub for 12 months. Here, you can access your course content together with other valuable resources and tools. When you finish your course, you can enjoy an additional 12 months of access to other resources on the Learning Hub.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this ‘being an inclusive leader’ course, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement actions to make your work environment more inclusive
  • Improve financial and non-financial business outcomes by leading more inclusively
  • Increase your effectiveness as an inclusive leader who can leverage a diverse team’s abilities while promoting inclusion and a sense of belonging
  • Improve team effectiveness through increased psychological safety.

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